Welcome to Sweden’s most beautiful art museum!

Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, originally the home of Prince Eugen (1865-1947), is now among the most-visited art museums in Sweden. The complex consists of a castle-like main building – the Mansion – finished in 1905 and designed by the Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg, and a Gallery Building, added in 1913. The estate also includes the original manor-house building, known as the Old House and an old linseed oil mill, both dating back to the 1780s.

Prince Eugen was one of his generation’s foremost landscape painters and many of his best-known works, including Molnet (the Cloud) and Det gamla slottet (The Old Castle), are part of the collections at Waldemarsudde. He was also an art collector and his collection of Swedish turn-of-the-19th-century art is one of the foremost in the country. In the Mansion the Prince’s Private Apartments remain mostly unchanged, while the two upper floors – with the Prince’s Studio at the top – are used for temporary exhibitions or for exhibiting works by the Prince or from his collections. The Gallery Building is mainly used for temporary exhibitions.

The estate is set in a beautiful parkland, featuring centuries-old oak trees. Its situation by the inlet to Stockholm harbour presents the visitor with stunning views of the water. The Prince was fond of gardens and the garden at Waldemarsudde, planned by the owner himself, is well worth a visit. The park contains a number of sculptures by French and Swedish artists, such as Auguste Rodin, Antoine Bourdelle and Carl Milles, as well as copies of Roman and Greek sculptures, including one of Nike of Samothrace, cast after the original in the Louvre.


We are a part of Royal Djurgården – Stockholm’s favorite place to visit and Scandinavia’s #1 attraction.

Royal Djurgården – Stockholm's favorite place to visit and Scandinavia's #1 attraction