Current and upcoming exhibitions


Julius Kronberg, Insomnad, 1883, olja på duk, 110 x 130 cm. Foto: Stockholms Universitet

Salon Painting?!

17 September 2016 – 22 January 2017

Inspired by the French salon style of painting, Julius Kronberg and a few Swedish artists who were active at around the same time produced impressively monumental paintings with compelling narrative subject matter. With this pioneering exhibition, we present Swedish salon painting in a new light, and ask in what way it can be relevant to viewers today. In addition to Julius Kronberg, the exhibition features paintings by other artists, including Hugo Birger, Jenny Nyström, Anders Zorn, Fanny Brate, Carl Larsson, Hugo Salmson and Mårten Eskil Winge.


Cecilia Edefalk, The Dandelion, 2013. Silvergelatin fotografi på papper, 186x129 cm.

Cecilia Edefalk – Dandelion

15 October 2016 – 12 February 2017

Cecilia Edefalk’s recent works revolve around the life cycle and human living conditions. Although bearing a close kinship to her previous works, they also signal the starting point for something new, in their exploration of a state, of reincarnation, and contemplations of an another reality. This comprehensive retrospective features Cecilia Edefalk’s paintings, photographs and sculptures from the 1980s to today.


Åke Andrén Foundation Artist’s Grant

21 September – 23 October 2016

An exhibition of several works by the winner of the 2016 Åke Andrén Foundation Artist’s Grant. The Åke Andrén Foundation Artist’s Grant was established in 2011 and awards a promising young artist a 500,000 kronor grant.